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The NSW Country Eagles namesake derives from the Wedge-tailed Eagle, a large bird of prey found across all areas of Australia. Golden hackles highlight the eagles predominantly black feathers and these have been adopted as our own club colours and mascot “Wedgie”.

The formation of the Eagles’ enabled highly talented players to come together from NSW Country, Eastern Suburbs R.U.F.C. and Randwick R.U.F.C. A lot of our players have origins from “the bush” and they all possess a determination and passion to take back the highest standard of rugby to supporters who live in regional towns and cities of NSW.

The country areas of NSW are where you’ll find some of the most fierce and loyal rugby fans of all types, ages and backgrounds. The NSW Country Eagles represent the sentiments and pride of NSW country people and the Eagles’ are committed to delivering the very best talent as part of the National Rugby Championship.

Our aim is to select and recruit premium players for our NRC team but also to connect with country communities throughout NSW and provide a pathway for young rugby players wanting to pursue a professional career in the sport. Eagle’s management and coaching staff all have strong country roots and a desire to engage and connect with local communities to help source and select the next generation of Eagles’ players.

Our fans are one of our most valuable club assets and in return for their support we play home games across various NSW country towns and cities to enable local crowds an opportunity to get behind home grown talent and support players within the heartland of New South Wales.

The NSW Country Eagles encourages rugby as a game for everybody. We promote inclusiveness and as we continue to expand we’ll provide chances for every type of person from any background to get involved with the Eagles’ and be a part of an exciting club with good people and a great country spirit.


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